New Year, New Goals: Nurturing Professional Growth with Workplace Etiquette Resolutions in 2024

Happy New Year to all! This year is the perfect time to sharpen your manners and business protocol. To define and refine ourselves is a gift. In this post, I will discuss workplace etiquette and explain why your business should incorporate this training into the overall company culture. Here at The Dallas School of Etiquette, it is my goal to teach employees to develop their best presentation of themselves and the company or organization they represent. Emotional intelligence and positive self-image will turn into self-confidence in the social and business setting.

Tips for Self-Confidence at Work and Beyond

New Year, New Goals: Nurturing Professional Growth with Workplace Etiquette Resolutions in 2024Below you will find just a few New Year’s Resolutions that might help you refine your productivity and professionalism. In my classes, I train young professionals and families that etiquette is more than rules…instead, it is the oil that lubricates society and enables harmony with interpersonal relationships. When we practice listening and acting upon the needs of others and our organizations, we find ourselves problem solvers. Problem solvers become leaders and make a difference. This year, strive to make a difference in your organization, family, office and profession.

Here are a few tips to refine your manners and etiquette skills for 2024:

  • Take a Dining Etiquette course to brush up on your skills at the table.
  • Take an International Dining Etiquette course to help you better interact with clients, friends etc from other cultures.
  • Never display an attitude of harsh superiority or dismissive pride. Instead, show authority under control.
  • Guard against pride.
  • Be prudent and overlook insults.
  • Stay away from hostile people.
  • Keep a mindset of love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.
  • Be mindful not to become a “difficult person”.
  • Be clean in appearance, hygiene, word and deed.
  • Be cautious what your ears hear and what your eyes see. Protect your soul with positive input.
  • Work to gain knowledge that will be beneficial in your social and professional life.
  • Take classes for self-enrichment!
  • Improve your diet and think “not diet, but moderation”.
  • Be a problem solver.
  • Rise above anxiety by helping others and meeting the needs of those around you.
  • Think clean and be fit in your body, soul and mind.
  • Always remember to use “please” and “thank you” in your interactions with others. I want to emphasize to everyone in their 30s and up, please take time to thank your parents, grandparents, siblings etc. Never expect or take them for granted or have a “you owe me” mindset, but instead, think of providing for others and you will always be blessed.
  • Do kindnesses for others who may not deserve it.
  • Take the time to learn the norms of other cultures. Always take the time to learn about what others are interested in such as educational pursuits, family matters, profession / career, social interests or travel adventures. It will pay off!

Above all, make 2024 a “Year of Gratitude.” Write down 5 blessings each and every day and also when you are discouraged. Take a look at this old hymn, entitled “Count Your Blessings“.

Workplace Etiquette: Build Professionalism and Confidence in 2024

Lisa B. Burdette, Dallas Business Etiquette Expert

Lisa Burdette is a workplace etiquette and manners expert in Dallas, Texas. Her private and group lessons have helped many men and women learn the proper way to behave in business settings, at job interviews and interpersonal interactions in the home. The Dallas School of Etiquette is also offers classes in manners for kids, so children can learn valuable life skills even at a young age.

You can choose to evolve into a more polished professional by sharpening your skills in communication, connections, emotional intelligence and dining skills. Reach out via our Contact page to request your session with Lisa today!

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