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Business Etiquette


In today's interconnected world, mastering business etiquette is more crucial than ever. It forms an integral part of creating a favorable first impression, establishing trust, and fostering effective professional relationships. Proper business etiquette goes beyond mere politeness; it encapsulates an understanding of cultural nuances, communication styles, and professional conduct, which collectively form the bedrock of successful business interactions. In an increasingly globalized business landscape, the importance of understanding and adapting to varied business etiquette cannot be overstated, as it can ultimately influence the success or failure of business ventures.


We can customize training to fit your needs whether it be a group or individual training. Topics can include:

  • Dining Etiquette at home and abroad.
  • Emotional Intelligence - how to be creative in the workplace.
  • Maintaining a positive attitude in a negative environment.
  • Self-presentation.
  • The importance of communication skills.
  • What is your mission statement?
  • What is your 3 C score? Competence, Commitment, and Compassion?
  • Understanding what drives our decisions and what drives others to perform.
  • How to manage emotions; emotional intelligence.
  • Building relationships through respect.
  • Connecting with other cultures.
  • Maintaining an attitude of Gratitude.
  • Refining the Skills of the Professional
  • Afternoon Tea Etiquette
  • Travel Etiquette
  • Social Etiquette
  • Soft Skills
Business Etiquett Boot Camp
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