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Military Academy Interviews


Military Academies are looking the best and brightest among the applicants. The standards for excellence in a military academy are significantly different than those in the civilian world. Any applicant must make sure they are not only prepared to demonstrate superior competence, but also to show their sense of confidence and ability to respond to unexpected questions. Real strength is not possible without flexibility. Any military academy hopeful must understand the traditions and requirements of a military career in order to bring the energy and focus necessary to ace that crucial first interview.

Lisa Burdette has vast experience in this process as all of her children are successful graduates of military academies. Not only can she prepare your child for the interview she can coach parents on to Do's and Don'ts of the application process.

  • Tailored planning to allow you to prepare and execute a successful admissions plan.
  • Interview preparation along with application completion advice and cadence.
  • One-on-one coaching sessions to prepare for written essays, practice in-person interviews and address fitness and leadership requirements.
  • ROTC interviews
  • Interview prep for West Point, The United States Naval Academy, The United States Air Force Academy, and The U. S. Coast Guard Academy
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