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Do you long for your children to possess the knowledge and skills that give them the confidence to handle any situation they encounter?

The Dallas School of Etiquette has created an educational framework to teach young people, from preschool through high school, how to be successful in any social, educational or professional setting through manners, courtesy and respect.

Using curriculum established by The American School of Protocol, our courses are age-appropriate and employ interesting and fun methods to instill the soft skills that ensure success throughout life.

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Available Courses

Birthday Party Manners

Children's Programs

A children's etiquette program is a great way to teach kids about manners, dining, and courteous behavior. Through this program, children can learn how to conduct themselves properly in various social situations, such as at the dining table, during conversations, or when interacting with others.

youth programs

Youth Programs

A comprehensive etiquette program for teens is crucial to help them navigate social and professional situations successfully. Advanced manners such as proper handshakes, introductions, and conversational skills can be taught alongside table etiquette. Confidence-building strategies can help teens handle difficult social situations and interviews with grace and composure.


Business Programs

Business etiquette is essential for professionalism and respect. This includes office manners, appropriate attire, interviews, thank you notes, social media, emotional intelligence, email and phone communication, handling difficult situations tactfully, and networking skills. It helps build strong relationships and communicate effectively, leading to professional success.


Etiquette Boot Camps

Etiquette boot camps can be customized for any age group and provide valuable training on specific areas. These programs offer a structured and interactive environment for individuals to learn the rules of social behavior and engage in practical exercises that reinforce the concepts learned.

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