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Children's Etiquette Session

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Cost: $295 for the 1st student with a discount for multiple students. When booking, select the number of students who will attend (up to four allowed). All students must attend the same session together to receive discounted group rate. ($100 deposit required up front)
Class Length: 2 hours
Location: Dallas, TX – Highland Park Area

Your 2-Hour Session Includes:

  • Coaching for Social Situations
  • Dining
  • Self Presentation
  • Introductions
  • Interview Skills
  • Social Connections
  • Situational Awareness
  • Listening Skills

Adult Business Etiquette Class

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Cost: $350 for the 1st student and discounted rate for 2nd-4th students if group attends the same session together ($100 deposit required up front)
Class Length: 2 hours
Location: Dallas, TX – Highland Park Area
Time: Offered in the evenings from 5-7 PM

Invest in a gift of social refinement by booking an Adult Business Etiquette class. As we know in our ever-changing world, first impressions are everything. Developing sharp business etiquette is essential to stand out from the crowd. Whether conducting meetings or interacting with clients, you will need to learn how to refine your social skills to thrive. Etiquette and manners are a must and can be transformative towards your overall confidence and social refinement.

For more than 4 students, please use the "Contact Us" form on our website to request a custom Class.

About Lisa

Lisa Burdette, Dallas Etiquette ExpertLisa Burton Burdette is the founder of The Dallas School of Etiquette. Her passion is reflected in her background and trainings. As the founder of The Dallas School of Etiquette, Lisa offers private, business and group etiquette training to meet the growing demands of corporations seeking her expertise. With an extensive background in teaching and working with children and adults in life skills coaching, Lisa has been a motivational speaker for various companies in Georgia and Texas.

Lisa’s educational background includes a degree in Elementary Education from Auburn University. She has taught school and has also worked in the airline industry on two occasions throughout her career. Lisa has certificates from The Washington School of Protocol and the British School of Excellence along with The American School of Protocol. Lisa has studied the Art of French Dining and in France and has taken courses to enhance her profession by learning about the French Culture. Her comprehensive etiquette training allows her to cater to a diverse audience, including children, adults, military academies and corporate clients.

As a wife, mother of six, stepmother of one and grandmother (Nona of 13), Lisa balances her professional commitments with a vibrant family life. Her interests extend to running, decorating and table arrangements. Lisa is active in her church and community as well. Lisa has served on many committees and non-profit fundraising organizations. She was the President of The West Point Parents Club of Georgia and has held offices with The United Sates Naval Academy Parent Club as well as The United States Air Force Academy Parent Club. She has served on several Congressional panels for those seeking appointments to the United States Military. She has served as a lobbyist in Georgia and has been deeply rooted in in State Government. Lisa has served on the Faculty of The Georgia Governors Honors Program and worked for The Georgia Department of Education for 2 years as a Research Specialist focusing on Home School Requirements for the State.

Residing in Texas, Lisa serves clients primarily in the Dallas area as well as Houston and Atlanta. She is currently working on a curriculum to help parents implement manners and etiquette in our ever-changing world. Her mission is to direct her teachings into the corporate sector with a philosophy on Respect, Refinements and high-level Social Skills that will enhance the business world, especially as it relates to international business. Lisa desires to help business professionals to create a cohesive culture within their corporation.

Lisa ’s life is marked by a passion for people wherever she is...whether working with children or coaching in the corporate world. She has committed her life to teaching the art of manners. Her mission is to teach everyone that "it is not what we do or say, but how we make others feel that counts."

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Dallas Etiquette Camp

August 5-8, 2024 from 4 PM - 7 PM

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Welcome To
The Dallas School Of Etiquette


Do you long for your children to possess the knowledge and skills that give them the confidence to handle any situation they encounter?

The Dallas School of Etiquette has created an educational framework to teach young people, from preschool through high school, how to be successful in any social, educational or professional setting through manners, courtesy and respect.

Using curriculum established by The American School of Protocol, our courses are age-appropriate and employ interesting and fun methods to instill the soft skills that ensure success throughout life.

The Dallas School of Etiquette
is accredited by:

american school

Available Courses

Birthday Party Manners

Children's Programs

A children's etiquette program is a great way to teach kids about manners, dining, and courteous behavior. Through this program, children can learn how to conduct themselves properly in various social situations, such as at the dining table, during conversations, or when interacting with others.

youth programs

Youth Programs

A comprehensive etiquette program for teens is crucial to help them navigate social and professional situations successfully. Advanced manners such as proper handshakes, introductions, and conversational skills can be taught alongside table etiquette. Confidence-building strategies can help teens handle difficult social situations and interviews with grace and composure.

Business Etiquette

Business Programs

Business etiquette is essential for professionalism and respect. This includes office manners, appropriate attire, interviews, thank you notes, social media, emotional intelligence, email and phone communication, handling difficult situations tactfully, and networking skills. It helps build strong relationships and communicate effectively, leading to professional success.


Etiquette Boot Camps

Etiquette boot camps can be customized for any age group and provide valuable training on specific areas. These programs offer a structured and interactive environment for individuals to learn the rules of social behavior and engage in practical exercises that reinforce the concepts learned.

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Dallas Etiquette Expert

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