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The Dallas School Of Etiquette


The Dallas School of Etiquette founder, Lisa Burdette, has a passion for seeing people succeed. She draws from a rich background of her own personal and business experiences to teach students of all ages how to prepare for almost every situation in life.

If she could say only one thing about herself, Lisa says she knows how to teach people to connect…even when they don’t speak the same language.  Lisa established The Dallas School of Etiquette to assist youth and adults in developing the social, leadership and communications skills that can guide them through all facets of life.  

Lisa graduated from Auburn University, where she earned a degree in Education.  She is a certified American School of Protocol Etiquette Consultant and has completed the Savoir Vivre Course from The Etiquette Institute of Washington.  Lisa also has attended the Barbizon School for Etiquette & Protocol and The British School of Etiquette.  She has a Business Certification as well. 

In 2024, Lisa visited Paris, France, where she received training and certification for the following areas of expertise...

  • Deportment and Social Etiquette for Ladies
  • Table Manners
  • The Art of Being a Hostess
  • The Art of Table Decoration

In addition, Lisa’s wide background in the professional sector enables her to understand and better serve her clients now.  Her experience has included: 

  • Work for the Georgia Department of Education, Delta Air Lines and State Farm.
  • International training in France and China on Etiquette and Protocol.
  • Marketing at an Orthodontics practice.
  • Regional Detail Marketer for D4C Dental Brands, Inc.
  • Substitute teacher in all grades from kindergarten to high school.
Lisa Burdette
Lisa Burdette

Lisa is a proud mother of six children and stepmother to one.  She has worked to instill principles in their lives that she herself strives daily to live by…respect, humility, kindness and honor.  All of her children are thriving as young professionals with families. 

Faith is a driving force behind Lisa’s work with children and adults.  She and her husband, Elliott, attend St. Michael’s Episcopal Church.  In her free time, Lisa serves at the St. Michael’s Woman’s Exchange.

Lisa is an expert at helping individuals get into Military Academies.  It’s no wonder why, either!  Two of her sons graduated from West Point, two sons graduated from the Naval Academy and two daughters graduated from the Air Force Academy.  Lisa also has experience from serving on Congressional Academy Boards.  

In 2021, Lisa relocated from Georgia to Highland Park, Texas.  She is using her skills in the Dallas area in many areas:

  • Adult Etiquette and Refinement classes
  • Family Etiquette
  • Interview prep for private schools, colleges and military academies in the area
  • College prep classes at the fitness center, where individuals can learn communication skills and how to do a “meet and greet”
  • Speaker at various events, including the Kansas University School of Business and the National Charity League, Inc (Colleyville Area Chapter)
  • Cross-cultural communication tips for working with people from various backgrounds 

She has also previously taught etiquette at The Primrose Day Centers, Girl Scouts and local Country Clubs.

My Mission Statement

Etiquette is a set of rules dictated by a certain social group; Manners are the way we make others feel.  Kindness matters not without a pure soul acting out the deed of kindness.  At the Dallas School of Etiquette, we try to teach skills that enable one to become balanced.  Manners are given when one can maintain an attitude of gratitude.  Teaching gratitude is my first and foremost mission. When we can identify the needs of others quickly and can truly begin to make others' needs paramount to our own selfish needs, true Etiquette and manners develop.  My goal is to install into children and adults self-awareness of words, thoughts, and deeds before they occur.  It is important in our training to teach our students to study and take the time to learn the social norms that might differ from their social norms. Taking the time to understand and listen to those around us gives us the ability to open minds and doors that lead to success.  Our World is shrinking, and etiquette and manners must be not only at the core of our curriculum but at the core of our souls.
lisa burdette

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