What is Etiquette? How Etiquette Classes for Adults Can Enhance Your Life and Career

Real or genuine etiquette comes from what we think, our motives and how we think of ourselves. In social situations, etiquette occurs when the needs of others become paramount to our own needs. To behave and know how to conduct yourself in different environments with respect and integrity makes others feel good and creates a peaceful atmosphere. In this blog post, I will discuss the true source of etiquette. If you would like more tips and help, consider signing up for one of my etiquette classes for adults here in Dallas!

Etiquette is the Way We Make People Feel

What is Etiquette?  How Etiquette Classes for Adults Can Enhance Your Life and Career
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People with a warm, sincere soul will foster true introductions and positive communication even with those from different social groups. In an increasingly diverse social landscape, this is an important skillset to have! Acceptable behavior may look different across cultural boundaries, so etiquette can help to bridge these differences by using the background of others to govern our own individual conduct.

A smile or eye contact may seem small, but it can go a long way towards healthy interaction in the various business, travel and social situations you will face. As you may know, humans express themselves non-verbally as much or more than they do verbally. Thus, it is crucial to pay attention to all your vocal and physical expressions when interacting with others.

The rules of etiquette will give you self-confidence and enhance your interactions with others in every aspect of your personal and professional life. It is a set of preferred rules and behavior that governs life’s activities from A to Z. Etiquette starts with the desire to make others feel comfortable and sincerely care about the likes and dislikes of others. Yes, etiquette has rules, but it starts with gratitude! The best way to success is to begin with giving thanks and thinking about how to give to the needs of others.

Naturally, etiquette is very important in the business world. We live in a very competitive environment and first impressions and manners make a big difference in public and personal perceptions. Etiquette can transform your business relationships and help you succeed! Confidence and a pure soul (one that truly cares about the needs of others more than themselves) are the keys to living out good etiquette in life and at the workplace.

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Lisa B. Burdette, Dallas Etiquette ExpertTeaching etiquette has become my passion here in the Dallas, Texas area. It is my goal to teach my students to master conversational skills and develop an elegant personal presentation as well as dress code.

My etiquette classes for adults can help corporate teams, executives, small business owners, college students and individuals succeed in their social interactions. I also assist families with teens and young children build their behavior skills.

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