Summer Time Fun to Enhance Etiquette Skills & Manners for Kids

George Washington’s “Rules of Civility & Decent Behaviour In Company and Conversation” has been a staple in my life and helped me in raising my six children.  Now, I often use this material in my etiquette curriculum to teach manners for kids and adults.

Why Manners?

Summer Time Fun to Enhance Etiquette Skills and Manners for Kids
Lainie – Law student and retired Captain from the United States Air Force. Graduated from USAFA.
Lindy – Captain of Track and Field at The United States Air Force Academy. Currently serving and will accompany husband, Captain Tyler, overseas this year.
Here in the United States, the practice of good manners has devolved rapidly.  The recent COVID pandemic only contributed to this, as people got out of the habit of interpersonal communication.  As a result, it is necessary to look back at our Founding Fathers for guidance in manners.

George Washington wrote the Rules of Civility with the goal of achieving self-control…when he was 14 years old.  Moral virtues, a.k.a. sincerely loving one’s neighbor more than oneself, was and is the core element for polished manners.

Today, I teach manners at The Dallas School of Etiquette.  In my lessons, I make sure my students know that Etiquette involves social rules, while real manners relate to “how we make people feel.”  We will make others feel good and happy by respecting their values and social norms…even if they differ from our own.  I desire to teach adults, teenagers, children, companies, banks and community groups what was taught by our Founding Fathers.  From our posture to our dining skills, we influence and set the pace for respect.

As a culture, we must learn situational awareness so that we can truly maintain a keen sense of awareness of the needs of others.  It is when we can see and feel those needs of others and can place others needs before our own needs that we are at peace and happy with ourselves.

George Washington’s Rules of Civility

Below are a few of the Rules of Civility that George Washington lived out.

  • When others speak, be attentive.
  • Think before you speak.
  • Never ask another person how they might have acquired a handicap.
  • Do not reprehend others, but leave up to parents, masters and superiors.
  • Do not give advice without being asked, unless of course you are a parent or grandparent.
  • Never laugh at or make fun of another man’s misfortune.
  • Do not brag about achievements.
  • Let your conversation be without malice.
  • Associate with men of good character.
  • Never eat while walking or strolling down a street – not even an ice cream cone.
  • Never wear dirty clothes or clothes with holes in them.
  • In your apparel, be modest.
  • While visiting the sick, do not advise them as if you are a doctor.
  • Keep one full pace away from others.
  • When an older person or someone of high rank visits your home, you should give them your Master Bedroom.
  • Superfluous compliments and all affectation of ceremony are to be avoided.
  • Do not laugh loudly in public.
  • Always take the time to express your sad feelings of misfortune to others.
  • Do not spit in public.
  • Do not take off clothes in the presence of others.
  • Do not bite your nails.
  • Do not sing, whistle or thump your fingers.
  • Keep your hands off your body parts.
  • If anyone speaks to you while you are sitting, stand up. Please note: If you attend one of my classes or hire me to speak at your company, this is very important!

These are just a few of George Washington’s Rules of Civility.  It is my belief that all the Rules of Civility mentioned must be dealt with after one has spent time in prayer.  Praying for your neighbor is the best way to show your love and respect.

Manners for Kids: An Essential!

Lisa B. Burdette, Dallas Etiquette ExpertEvery year, my children and I would travel to Mount Vernon in Virginia.  I had the children write in journals and share their thoughts about George and Martha Washington.  It was such a thrill for us to experience all that our Founding Fathers taught us! 

Today, my children are moms, dads, lawyers, doctors, military officers, deacons, students, businessmen and pilots.  All have served in the United States Military…two at West Point, two at the Naval Academy and two at the Air Force Academy.  Our family believes that serving is loving and loving builds a strong nation.  One nation under God.  We all stand and salute our flag and nation. 

If you’d like your children to enhance their etiquette skills, why not sign them up for one of Lisa’s manners for kids classes? Lisa Burdette’s private and group lessons can help young girls and boys learn etiquette skills to help them succeed at home, in school interactions and throughout life.

Our Dallas etiquette expert can help you! Reach out via our Contact page to request your manners for kids session with Lisa today! The Dallas School of Etiquette also offers business etiquette and fine dining sessions for teens and adults.

God bless you!

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