From Campus to Business Environment: Mastering Workplace Etiquette in Dallas

The best way to make a good impression and help your company ace that client presentation is by treating others in a kind, professional manner. Etiquette and manners can help you achieve these goals! In addition, you can you can better learn how to handle yourself on the job at any age or life stage. Workplace etiquette coaching can be very helpful for young professionals straight out of college or long-time employees. In this post, I will give some essential tips you can use to help you grow in mindfulness at your workplace.

Professionalism on the Job: It Starts with Attitude

From Campus to Business Environment: Mastering Workplace Etiquette in Dallas
My etiquette session with the Bank of Texas
Office and workplace etiquette seems to be a problem in all professions today. We have become a society that is situationally unaware of the needs of those around us. Banks, technology, medical, law, schools, retail and most service industries are seeing a workforce lacking in what George Washington called “Basic Civility 101.” For many, the motto has become “just produce and get the job done at all costs.” As per below, I have written a few guidelines for all in the workforce at all levels.

  • Conduct yourself in a manner during your personal hours in a way that would be pleasing to your superiors at work and in a way that positively represents the face of your company.
  • Work with humility and a servant’s heart.
  • Listen to the needs of your boss and always be mindful of the needs of your company.
  • Do not do online shopping on company time.
  • Do not use your cell phone to make appointments or schedule social affairs while at work.
  • Do not speak in a negative way about your organization or company. If you receive an admonishment from someone, complaints are unacceptable.
  • Stay away from gaming or any sort of activity that wastes time.
  • Ask yourself each and every day, “What did I do today and how can I be more productive tomorrow?”
  • Groom yourself at home. Do not get ready for your day at the office.
  • Never eat food at your desk. Go to the break room or schedule time away from the office to eat.
  • Monitor your rest at home and prepare for a work day.
  • Make sure you wear socks. Ladies – Exposed toes are unacceptable in all professions.
  • Do not discuss personal business matters with co-workers.
  • Be mindful and educate yourself about all cultural norms. Prepare, educate and execute!
  • Be mindful when thinking of tattoos or piercings that your clients, students or customers may not find appealing and that may be a distraction.
  • Pay close attention to your dental health. A beautiful smile goes a long way.
  • Do not stand within 18 inches of another person in a conversation.
  • Always attempt to open a door for a lady or allow all seniors or colleagues to walk in front of you.
  • Be sensitive to the needs of others.
  • Be quick to say, “I am sorry.”
  • Be an example in behavior, speech and work ethic.
  • Do the unexpected.
  • Prepare for the unexpected.
  • Think about how you would react to the unexpected.
  • Take time to meditate, pray or have a quiet time before work. Take time to plan your day.
  • Work each day as if it were your last.
  • Prepare the night before for your upcoming work day. Strive to constantly improve your competence level.
  • Never think that you “know it all.” Always listen to those who you may feel know nothing. “An open mind leads to an open heart.”
  • Do not discuss medical problems with co-workers. Instead, discuss as necessary after working hours or with the Human Resources Department.
  • Brush up on your table manners and always know who you are dining with before all business meetings.
  • Be mindful – Your attitude is contagious!
  • TikTok is an absolute “no no.” If you are a professional, student, manager or hold any job, clearly understand that posting on this type of platform is degrading to your company, family and those you represent.
  • Work with excitement, even when given a job you may not like.

Looking for Help Achieving your Workplace Etiquette Goals?

Lisa B. Burdette, Dallas Business Etiquette ExpertAbove all, maintain a grateful heart in all that you do. In the morning, rise and give thanks for your education, profession and opportunities. Strive to step out into the day with a positive attitude. After all, the beginning of good workplace etiquette is a grateful heart!

Lisa Burdette is a workplace etiquette and manners expert in Dallas, Texas. Her coaching, group training and private instruction have helped many corporations and individuals with polishing their business professional image. Lisa’s training in social skills and interpersonal interactions can help you or your team succeed as well.

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